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Pin-Up Lacey Ree

Model: Lacey Ree
Measurements: 45″-33-46″
Photographer: Photos by Erin Armitage
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Since you were last featured on our site how have things been for you?
It’s been quite a journey. I was diagnosed with cervical cancer last year, and was fortunate to be able to have it removed surgically. I’m now 4 months cancer free, and in great health. As far as modeling, I have been creating LOTS of new work, as well as working at several Cosplay conventions as the house model for the hired photographer Creaotic Images. I’ve had a lot of fun and great opportunities and look forward to pursuing even more!
What was your inspiration for this shoot?
The photographer and I decided a military-themed Pin Up shoot would be great to show support for the troops in a fun and flirty way, so we braved the Ohio winter and I climbed up onto that freezing tank in lingerie!
How was it working with this photographer?
I worked with Erin of Photos by Erin Armitage and she made me feel very comfortable, got some GREAT angles, and even helped lift me onto the tank!
What were some challenges that you faced during this shoot?
The cold and the snow certainly posed big challenges, but the most difficult part was definitely getting onto the tank, then moving and posing on it without falling off or getting TOO much metal in my booty cheek, haha!
What can your fans expect from you in the future?
Creaotic Images and I just shot an “Alternative Pin Up” set for Gray Mode Images Magazine’s upcoming Alternative Issue, and I am slated to have a cover for their Cosplay issue as well. I also have a “Classic Pin Up” photo set being released soon, more work for Cosplay conventions, and other projects scheduled soon! Previews are up now for all upcoming photo sets, and be sure to “like” my page if you want to be notified when those release!


apic_1 apic_2 apic_3 apic_4
Age: 24 years old
City: Palm Beach County, Fl
Type of model: Adult entertainment , pin-up, lingerie BBW ICANDY , webcam hunnii and more
Zodiac: Virgo
Group  Affiliation : None SELF MADE model.
How long have you been modeling? I’ve been modeling for exactly 8years.
How’d you get started? I starting modeling at the age of 16 then at the age of 18 I began exotic dancing a good friend had connections and danced until I turned 21 years old then later retired but in mean time, I’ve  been modeling exotic and implied nude. I’ve done some soft porn but decided it wasn’t for me.
What lessons have you learned the hard way? Lesson learn the hard way never again to invest in a modeling agency that isn’t interested in a BBW model and a manager that wasn’t interested in my success, although both were interested in my “MONEY” which is why I’m SELF MADE.
Contact info:
INSTAGRAM @QueenBlaqDymond
 What is something you’d like people to know about you?

I am very down to earth & easy to work with in every aspect.
What are your goals? MY GOALS are to become successful A PUBLISHED MODEL. I’d like to do lots of traveling and gain major experience & knowledge in the industry. I love all genres, including glamour, fetish, erotic, art nudes, pinup, boudoir, lingerie, and more

Blessed Drain

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Name: Blessed Drain

Age: 35

Race/Nationality: Black/Indian

Occupation: Makeup Artist/Model

Location: Atlanta, Ga


Measurements:(Height included) 5″4 38-36-47

Group Affiliation if any: The Dream Team, Thick City Limits
Photographer: Eric Goines of EZDOZIT Photography,Jonathan Herrington, Bo Parker of Nosey Photography, Leonard Jones of LJones Photos,  and Cordell Heller of Flyin Saucer Photography

Industry Pet Peeves: My industry pet peeves are.. Being judged by my height before knowing what I can do..

 Links/Contact/Booking Info
What’s was the inspiration behind this shoot? I have experience in Print, Runway, Video Girl and Acting.. My goals are to make it on the big runway in New York and to encourage the plus size community to embrace their bodies and believe their dreams.. I want to allow them to love the skin their in.. Because knowing you are beautiful inside will give them a chance to love the outside. . My inspiration is self love.. My social Media links are
I can be contacted for bookings at

How do you prepare for a shoot? I prepare for shoots by meditating and concentrating on why I’m in this field. .

How long have you been doing this? I’ve been modeling for 10 plus years..

What got you into this? I’ve always loved the camera, But I was also pit down by others so I started out doing this to prove a point.. but at a point in my life I began doing it more for the plus size community. . I had to open doors for others of size.. I wanted to show them that they too are beautiful and all they have to do is love themselves and open their eyes to the beauty that’s in front of them.. I did it for encouragement. .


shirt_3 shirt_4 shirt_5 white_dress_web_1 white_dress_web_2 white_dress_web_3 white_dress_web_5 beach_1 beach_3 beach_4 shirt_1 shirt_2Bossy
Age: 32
Race/Nationality: Creole
Occupation: Foreign and Fraudulent  Specialist and Investigator
Location: Arizona
Zodiac: Aquarius
Measurements: 57 44 60

Photographer: Solomon Abrams
Industry Pet Peeves: Phony photographers who constantly stalk you to shoot with them and shitty so called photographers whos work looks like my 8yr old could’ve done better with a cell phone.
Modeling Experience & Goals: I have been modeling since my freshman year of high school.  I’ve done numerous fashion shows for local magazines, church functions, for a few different friends and their clothing lines, and shows that raised awareness like breast cancer and domestic violence.  My goal is to be the face of some reputable plus size clothing lines and if anything help to spread a positive image about size acceptance.
Links/Contact/Booking Info:, IG:Bossbaby82, Twitt: pugy2000,
What’s was the inspiration behind this shoot? COMING HOME.. I moved to Arizona from Chicago back in 2010 and wanted this visit to be epic. Wanted to show the world that there is some good and beauty in Chicago instead of just the negativity that’s always portrayed.
How did you prepare for this shoot? Took years to prepare,  even before I left Chicago I always talked about shooting with Solomon.  Timing was never right, then I moved. I saw this beautiful white dress that reminded me of my mother’s wedding day, I had one made and the rest is history.  Also we don’t have any beaches here in Arizona so I thought a nice swimsuit shoot would be awesome.
If you could go anywhere and model/do a photo shoot where would it be? I would so love to model in New York and Milan during fashion week and do a shoot in Brazil during Carnival.  The women there are gorgeous. The festivities are in full swing. The colors are beautiful and vibrant. That would be the perfect shoot for me.
What’s your process for choosing assignments and why? When people ask to book me, I need to see there past work, a contract, and contacts. If this is not benefitting you and I both and you don’t have a name for yourself then I would decline. There are too many dirty people in the industry claiming to be something they are not and I don’t want to fall victim to their deceit.
How many tattoos/piercings do you have  and are there meanings behind each? Three piercings just my ears, and one big Hello Kitty tattoo with my nickname Bossy topping it off. I am a Hello Kitty collector so I wanted my first and only tattoo to be something I know I wont regret later in life.
Favorite child hood art project? My 3D sculpture of Hello Kitty made from popsicle sticks.
Dream Car? All black Maybach with pink trimming and pink bows stitched in the head rest
Best way for a man to approach you? Saying hello, no goofy lines, and show a genuine interest in conversation. I like to be mentally stimulated. I already have enough fans coming at me sexually,  stand out and be different.
We all wanted to be something else, what is was your fantasy job? To have my own web design company and hire women who are victim to domestic violence and single mothers trying to enter the job force.
How do you unwind? Mimosas poolside… that’s one thing I love about living in Az, I can swim all year long.
Dancer or wall flower? Definitely the dancer lol, my friends always tell me I need to sit my ass down sometimes because I will bust out dancing any where if I hear a good song.
Popcorn or Potato chips? Kettle cooked wasabi and ginger potato chips
First job you ever had did you quit or get fired? First job was customer service in the train station booths for CTA. It was a seasonal job for college students so I didn’t quit or get fired.
Slang you feel is overused? Nigga,  especially here in Arizona where its not the black people who are over using it.
Guilty Pleasure song? Bad remix by Wale ft. Rihanna.

Raya TheModel Blackwell


Name: Raya “TheModel” Blackwell,

Age: 23

Status:Engaged with no children!

Hometown: Gary, In.

Measurements: 36,32,38

Zodiac: Gemini

Photographer: Jerry The Photo Guy

Occupation: Brown Mackie student where I study business. I do volunteer work at a local food bank.

Life’s Challenges: My life challenges would have to be the struggle of everyday life and trying to keep faith that one day the struggle may end.

What makes you happy?: God, my family, my fiance’, & money is what makes me happy.

Something you’d like to experience? I would like to see black people unite for peace like our ancestors did back in the day.

The hardest thing you’ve had to do? The hardest thing I do is sit back and watch certain loved ones hurt & struggle in this life we live.

Ideal Vacation Spot?: My ideal vacation would be to go some where tropical to relax, enjoy the fun activities, & just to have a moment to escape from the issues.

If you could meet anyone who would it be and why?  I would like to meet Tyra Banks because growing up I always looked up to her and would love to hear her advice as a worldwide known super model.

Hobbies: Dancing, writing poems, & reading.

What are you passionate about? I am very passionate about my faith & fashion.

Booking and Contact info: Twitter: @barbie2badd4eva : Instagram: @imunik_model Booking @

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Ms. Red Waters

to me

Name: Red Waters

Age: +25

Race/Nationality: Black

Occupation: Adult Entertainer

Location: Chicago

Zodiac: Scorpio

Measurements: 40-38-58

Group Affiliation if any: Red Room Productions

Photographer: BGi Photography

Pet Peeves: passive aggressive mannerism

Modeling Experience & Goals: First Seen on TheThickChickAcademy.Com then on Urban X Award Winning BigRed Booty XXX has also worked with seen in Blane Bryant BBBW 6, 33, and Lesbian 15

tca_2 tca_1 tca_6 tca_5


JaNet Charley

Name: JaNet Charley

Age: 37

Race: Black

Location: Mobile, Alabama

Zodiac: Capricorn

Measurements: Breast 50/Waist 40/ Hips 50……yes lord!

Photographer: Kristina KMarie Thompson
Pet Peeves: A Dirty House, People with no respect for others, people that chew gum with their mouth open & a nasty refrigerator.
Makeup Artist: Myself
Modeling Experience & Goals: Just starting/ I want to be an inspiration for women around the world, and let them know that BBW Rockets no matter what color you are!


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Lilli Adelle’e

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Name:  Lilli Adelle’e

Age: 29

Race/Nationality: African American, Cherokee and Creole

Occupation: Fashion Designer

Location: Missouri


Group Affiliation if any: none

Photographer: Keyana

Industry Pet Peeves: Unprofessionalism

Modeling Experience & Goals: Photoshoots & Professional print modeling Links/Contact/ Info